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For 29 years BPSC SA has been creating the IT solutions that support the activity of a few thousand companies in Poland. The company specializes in the integrated ERP class systems supporting enterprise management and in the HCM systems. Understanding clients’ needs, solutions consistent with the business logic and trends in management, and investment in their development allow the company to successfully compete with the World ERP providers. For many years BPSC SA is one of the leading ERP solutions providers in Poland.


What makes us different?

  • Our ERP systems are used over 700 Polish enterprises and institutions.
  • A full control of costs, times and scope of products.
  • The widest functional scope of the offered solutions
  • Usability and of our systems
  • We adjust our offer to the sepcificity of business activity of the enterprises from different industry sectors


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Our offer

We specialize in creating and implementing the software supporting the management of enterprises and institutions. Our main product is an integrated ERP system. Impuls EVO is the full functionality of the ERP system and an advanced solution for financial management, personnel management, production management, sales management and logistics. Particular applications are available in the freely chosen configuration, depending on Client’s business model. However our highest class software is not the only distinguishing factor of BPSC SA:

  • 29 years of experience in informatization of enterprises
  • over 700 Clients, including 600 as a part of Impuls system
  • the well-established market position of our company and a stable development
  • expert knowledge and business experience of our consultants
  • solutions based on latest technologies and new trends in management
  • reliable and comprehensive approach to informatization of enterprises
  • focus on individual needs of every of our Clients
  • rich functionality of the offered systems
  • investments in development of our products
  • full control of costs, time and scope of the realized projects
  • advantageous prices and conditions of financing the projects

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  • Social commitment

    Social commitment

    BPSC SA as a company that is committed to the society we share our success with those who need our help the most. Company’s activities in this scope can be summarized by the motto „We make the start easier!” BPSC SA engages in every situation where a real chance for change and progress appears. Activities of the Company undertaken as a part of “We make the start easier” concern the following areas: 

  • Education


    We are fully aware that the growing level of education is the best way to develop the environment of functioning of the IT tools. Therefore we actively cooperate with universities. We create computer labs, prepare lectures, co-finance lectures, publications and conferences and we organize apprenticeships and trainings.

    We cooperate, among others with:

    • University of Silesia
    • University of Economics in Katowice
    • Kozminski University in Warsaw
    • Warsaw University of Technology
    • Wrocław University of Economics
    • Warsaw School of Economics
    • Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław
    • University of Lodz
    • Katowice School of Economics
    • Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom
    • Academy of Business in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • Childhood


    Thanks to having children, grandchildren or house dust mites we are know how much they need to develop properly and to become good and internally rich people. We help where the situation is difficult and where our support can help somebody’s carrier to reach exceptional Success. Apart from doing what we know as a specialist, that is organizing computer labs or didactic cooperation with schools, among our beneficiaries are young sportsmen, artists and scientists. Thanks to the constant cooperation with institutions such as Dom Aniołów Stróżów w Katowicach (Guardian Angels’ House in Katowice) we have also the influence on the difficult process of creating equal development opportunities for the youngest children.

  • Art


    Our contacts with the world of art go back to the beginning of functioning of BPSC SA. The perfect example is the logo of our company. First professional graphic creation of our logo was created by Tomasz Struk – the outstanding painter and graphic designer, and a friend of BPSC SA. Till today persons connected with Academy of Fine Arts are responsible for the corporate design of our company. As a part of our cooperation with ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) we fund annual awards for ASP graduates, co-finance organization of exhibitions and we buy graduates’ works. Our activities should, in the first place make it easier for young artists to go to the stage of the „mature” creative work. BPSC commitment in the area of patronage was recognized by the authorities of the Academy of Fine Arts and BPSC was granted the title of the Young Art Sponsor.

  • Sport


    Sport for us is not only the way to integrate the team or the way to get rest from everyday life but also supporting the team. For many years we have been accompanying the Polish football  ex-champion TS Szombierki Bytom on its way from B League… to the Top-league. Teams representing BPSC participate in ski competitions, sailing competitions and long-distance running competitions. We are also always open for propositions to support sports events for children.

  • Gala


    In 2006 we answered for a plea of Centaurus - an organization that deals in adopting animals. Their plea concerned a young mare that, against all logic was assigned to slaughterhouse. From that time Gala became a favourite of the whole BPSC team. We monthly finance the upkeep of Gala and we visit her in her new home in Ośrodek Rekreacji Konnej w Bieruniu (Horse Recreation Centre in Bieruń).

  • Silesian IT Cluster

    Silesian IT Cluster

    The main objective of the Śląski Klaster IT ,which was created thanks to the initiative of BPSC SA and the Association "Rytm Śląska Śląski Klaster IT", is to increase the level of innovativeness of the created IT solutions. The activities of Śląski Klaster IT focus on using IT technologies in public management, business analytics, social media, web media and semantic networks. The project’s activity covers the whole area of Silesian Voivodship and is aimed at building the network of cooperation of partners representing entrepreneurs, higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations.

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